Choosing an Aquarium Stand

Whatever the tank size, it’s necessary to have sturdy support dependent not only on the aquarium size, but the filled weight of the tank. The biggest mistake made by tank owners is underrating the weight of the aquarium when it is filled with water. Having a proper stand is as important as selecting the right fish to put in it! A large, heavy aquarium, without a stable stand to support it, will end up in one big mess. Keep your home safe and clean with a proper tank stands. Your fish will thank you. You will want to position your aquarium on a stand that will be able to hold its entire weight. You also want to be sure that the floor is able to support the total weight of the tank and stand.500aquariumstand

Water weighs more than you can first imagine, it’s adding around eight pounds per gallon to your tank. Plus to the water, you’ll be adding substrate for the bottom that is also quite heavy. The weight of a twenty gallon glass tank can really be anywhere from twenty five pounds to well over two hundred pounds when it is filled with water, decorations and gravel.

You can also plan and make your own stand, or have the tank built into the wall. Wooden stands are cheap, and easy to cut and put together. A stand made of wood needs to be able to carry the weight, but it’s easy to go crazy. Using excess wood means less room around for equipment, and doesn’t make the stand any stronger. You can easily over-build your stand and it can look plain ugly.

Steel fish tank stands are built by welding tubing together to create a structure. Usually more expensive to create than wood, but it’s very strong. The steel frame is always much smaller than wood frame in size, so that frees up a lot of useful space around the tank.

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